Supervisor Initial

Introducing Our NEW Supervisor Initial Programme

In September, we successfully hosted our first new Supervisor Initial programme, which is designed to meet the aviation fire services’ needs in terms of compliance, quality, customer experience and relevance!

Aviation Training Delivered At Kerry Airport

Lass week,  our Aviation Curriculum Manager, Ricky Wilson headed to Kerry Airport in Ireland to deliver a number of aviation training exercises to their Airport Firefighters. 

IFTC’s Visit To The Isle of Man

Earlier this month, our Aviation Curriculum Manager, Ricky Wilson was deployed to the Isle of Man to deliver a combined revalidation course for fire fighters and officers from the Isle of Man and Guernsey!

A Photoshoot Fit For Petrol Heads

Earlier this week, we had the pleasure of welcoming a local car enthusiast group onto our Fire Training Ground for a professional photoshoot with some of our most famous rigs!