Planting A Greener Future

We are delighted to announce that we have planted 250 new trees, located outside our accommodation building whilst working in partnership with local charity, Darlington Forest Project!

IFTC staff members, alongside a retired member of staff volunteered their time to plant a wide range of trees including Hawthorn, Blackthorn, Field Maple, Wild Cherry, Crab Apple, Burnet Rose and Oaks.

These new trees will help to reduce our carbon footprint, where each tree will absorb approximately 0.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide during it’s lifetime!

The trees will also help to re-build a wildlife habitat which was located in a nearby field and has now been cleared, resulting in the loss of the wildlife habitat.

Our thanks go to Darlington Forest Project, who helped to guide us on this project by designing and sourcing the trees, whilst also lending a hand on the day!

We would also like to thank our staff members for volunteering their time and we hope you enjoyed this project!

We look forward to seeing these trees continue to grow over the years for a greener future!

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