The IFTC Celebrates Long Service Awards

The International Fire Training Centre is home to fantastic team of staff! In 2021, the following staff members were presented with a Long Service Award for their hard work and dedication:

5 years – Christine Leather (Catering) and Ian Leonard (MT)

10 years – Walter Moor (Tutor) and Tony Sutton (Catering)

15 years – Lynne Heslington (Admin/Hospitality)

20 years – Daryl Bean (Offshore/Industrial Curriculum Manager), Ricky Wilson (Aviation Curriculum Manager) and Keith Cran (Tech Support)

25 years – Dave Young (Tutor) – and Sheila O’Neill (Residential Services)

30 years – Paul Stannard (MT)

Well done and thank you to all members of team for their commitment to the International Fire Training Centre.

📸 Pictured is Business Operations Manager, Gary Watson presenting Sheila O’Neill from Residential Services with her Long Service Award.

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