A Sneak Peek Into Our Archive

Throughout 2021, we will be sharing lots of photographs, videos and material from our archive to mark our 40th anniversary of the International Fire Training Centre being based on Teesside!

This week, we have a trio of photographs to share with our customers to enjoy!

The photograph above was taken in the summer of 1981, when the Fire Training School left its original base at London’s Stansted Airport and made it’s way up north to Teesside!

The second photograph above is also from 1981, and was the final photograph taken at Stansted Airport of the Fire Instructors before the move to Teesside.

The final photograph comes from circa 1993-1994, and shows the Instructors who were working at the IFTC in the early 90s.

If you would like to share with us a memory from our rich 40 years history on Teesside, please send it directly to our Facebook page – Thank you. 

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